Croatia on the Line, Who’s There? / Ovdje Hrvatska, a tko je tamo?

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It may seem unusual, but in the mere 10 square meters of the Voice of Croatia’s studio we travel the width and breadth of the entire globe. We explore, we snoop, we wander in search of stories that leave you breathless. And there are just so many! From Europe, the United States, Canada and South America to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There is no place on Earth that hasn’t been trod upon by a Croat. In following migrations and the three main waves of emigration, we also speak about the current situation!

It’s high time to align these two Croatias – the homeland and emigrant communities. We work together with the National Office for Croats Outside of Croatia, the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the Croatian Parliament’s Committee on Croats Outside of Croatia, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and Croatian embassies and consulates. With us you don’t need a ticket to travel around the world – join us on the waves of the Voice of Croatia.

This program is broadcast in Croatian.