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Ashley Colburn returns with new projects

Ashley Colburn - Happy to be back in Croatia/Voice of Croatia

Award-winning travel documentary producer Ashley Colburn returns to Croatia with a handful of projects, from a study-abroad program to her new video production series through which she offers an inside scope for travelers in Croatia.

Promoting Croatia 

It was love at first sight, said Ashley Colburn when talking about the first time she visited Croatia over eight years ago. Each year since, Colburn makes her way back and forth from the US to Croatia. A few years ago she bought a home somewhere in Istria, she now calls Croatia home. From day one, Colburn has been a promoter of Croatian tourism, culture, heritage and way of life. By combining her love for her new found home and expertise in travel documentary production, Colburn has decided to develop a series of videos promoting the popular, yet hidden far corners of the country.  Joining hands with with local tourist boards around the country, she aims to offer special insight into the hidden gems in towns, counties, national parks and other destinations, from finding keys to locked doors to finding the best rakija in the area.


Study abroad as a new form of promotion

Video production is not the only venue through which Colburn promotes the country. Ever since Croatia has become a popular study abroad destination, especially among US students, she has been doing her part in the field by offering programs that focus on journalism and media. For the second year running, she teamed up with Journalism and Media Communication professor from Colorado University Steve Weiss  to build new and exciting study abroad programs in Croatia. They say the main reasons for choosing this country are the uniqueness and diversity  it has to offer.

This year they organized a Journalism and Media Communications program in Croatia for seven students from North America. During a period of two weeks, students gained hands-on experience about travel journalism, media and storytelling in one of the fastest growing travel destinations in the world. Alongside their travels around the country  -Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Vukovar, to name a few cities, they visited The Voice of Croatia, Croatian Radio Television. During their visit they got to learn about HRT’s 90 year history and a behind the scene view of multimedia production.

Ashley Colburn with students in studio HRT/Voice of Croatia
Emma Fischer, study abroad student visits HRT/Voice of Croatia

In the two weeks of travelling Croatia, these students had only positive experiences to mention. One of the students who joined this year’s program was Emma Fischer from Toronto, Canada. She said that being of Croatian heritage was one of the main motives for taking part in the program. She too said the trip would be remembered as a fulfilling venture, “there is just a sense of positivity that I get from being here and I’d like to take home and to change my view on things”, said Emma.

The purpose of such study abroad programs is to integrate, learn about cultural differences and take the best out of each given situation. Students took home an experience which was, according to them, even more diverse, liberating and educational then they could possibly imagine. They take home hands-on and applicable knowledge and skills, which will guide them for a lifetime, as well as love for another country – Croatia.

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