Listener Feedback & 14 Barriers

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Listener Feedback from New Delhi, India

Jayanta and family (VOC/ Zrinka Lusic)

It seems our radio programme is being listened to in all corners of the world. Jayanta Chakrabarty from New Delhi, India began listening to The Voice of Croatia our English language program via shortwave in 2003. When the Voice of Croatia switched over to live stream in 2013 so did he. But why is this faithful listener hooked to our programme. Jayanta says it is that personal touch not many other stations have that’s most intriguing and the constant progress seen in both radio and web content.

He says he grew up with the Voice of Croatia and as his mother tongue is Bengali he has been listening to our daily newscasts with the desire to improve his English language skills. Along the way his knowledge about Croatia, its people and culture has grown and a new found love for Croatian music was born. He says that Nina Kraljić is now one of his favourite pop artists and looks forward to listening to Croatian singers in the Eurovision Song Contest. There are many positive aspects to learning about other cultures, as it offers new perspective to one’s own, reduces xenophobia and offers insight into how one should interact with that culture when travelling, something that is becoming more and more popular in India. “I would love to visit your beautiful country some day if I get the opportunity and see with my own eyes all the wonderful things I hear about on the Voice of Croatia programmes. As my interests include travelling, geography, studying other country’s culture and people, Croatia, to me, is the ideal country to visit. Here a rich cultural heritage and tradition is juxtaposed with modernity and scientific temper. A country of rejuvenated people who are on the path of progress and to take its rightful place in the comity of nations. Since India and Croatia have so much in common, we can together do much for world peace, progress and good for all mankind,” said Jayanta from New Delhi.

Jayanta Chakrabarty (VOC/Zrinka Lusic)

14 Barriers: War Veteran documentary


Srećko Karić is a Homeland War Veteran that served in the first Guard’s Brigade during the Homeland War. Since the war he has gone on to direct films and recently completed a documentary about fellow Veteran, Marijan Almaš, from Bogdanovci. Marijan’s story is one of suffering and recovery. This veteran, confined to a wheelchair with 100% disability, has managed to pull himself out of hopelessness and become a successful publicist and athlete.

“The film 14 Barriers tells his story and motivates one to think deeply about the traumatic experiences Croatian veterans went through”, says director Srećko Karić. Instead of using archive material for his film he conceived it as an artistic view of the fate of people who face the brutality of war. Srećko sang the theme song for the film himself, in English, hoping to bring the truth about the Homeland War closer to a younger crowd and all those interested at home and abroad.

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