Alka in Vukovar and Graphic Art Festival

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Alkar Knights in Vukovar


The Alka is a historic lancing tournament featuring medieval Alkar Knights. They ride their horses at full gallop, with the aim of hitting an iron ring (alka) that hangs above a race-course with their 3 meter long lances.  The event is usually held annually on the first Sunday of August in Sinj. However, during the event’s long-standing history of 300 years, the tournament has been held ceremoniously  in three other cities – Split, Zagreb, Belgrade and since May 6, 2017 also in Vukovar.  Last year, a group of individuals called for a change in scenery and asked that the Alka be held in Vukovar to honor all those who defended Vukovar and Croatia during the Homeland War.

The Vukovar Alka was ceremonious in nature. The official program began at dawn with the shooting of the “mačkula”. Wreaths were laid at the Memorial Cemetery of the Homeland War. Later in the day, the tournament began. At the very beginning of the main event, Alkar duke Ante Vučić expressed with great affection the reasons why the participants oft he Sinjska Alka had arrived in Vukovar. “The Sinjska Alka made its way to pay tribute to the Heroic City and to bespeak for the people of Croatia who will never forget the heroes of Vukovar as well as those who laid down their lives on the altar of our homeland.”

Then, 17 Alkar Knights, known as Alkari, dressed in historic uniforms that were worn by their predecessors in the 18th century began the competition. Galloping at full speed on horseback, while holding three metre lances, they aimed at an iron ring, the alka, which hangs above the race-course. By earning eight points, Ante Zorica from Hrvace scored better than the other 16 and became the official winner of the first Sinjska Alka in Vukovar.  “This is by far the best victory in my career. It is also my 10th year of racing in the Alka tournament. But, this race in Vukovar is at the very top, it was for all of Vukovar’s defenders and victims of the Homeland Defensive War

The Alka in Vukovar tournament was held ceremoniously, which means the annual Alka tournament of Sinj is yet to be held in August.

In 2010, the Alka was included in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List for its enduring 300 year long history, strict codified decree, such as historic uniforms, equipment and weapons, as well as the fact that it is a direct reflection of ancient medieval chivalry.

Crtani Roman Show

Crtani Roman Šou is Croatia’s premiere comics and sequential graphic art festival, and this year it is marking its twentieth anniversary. To mark this important milestone, the organizers have added Zagreb ComicCon to its name, to underscore its status as one of the most important events of this type in the region. Two weeks ago, a retrospective exhibition that highlights all of the festival’s many notable guests and the artwork over the past 20 years opened in the media library of the French Institute in Zagreb. The festival’s director, Slaven Gorički, spoke to our reporter about the exhibition and the past 20 years of CRŠ. Lana Brčić, who is in charge of the festival’s public relations, also talked about some of the highlights of this year’s festival.