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Decorative Easter Egg traditions in Central and Eastern Europe

Decorated eggs are perhaps the most widely recognised symbol of Easter in the countries in which the holiday is celebrated, and Croatia is no exception. Croatia’s various regions all have their own distinct ways of decorating Easter eggs with colourful and often intricate pictures and designs. This tradition is something Croatia shares with other Slavic peoples, as well as non-Slavs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Earlier this week, the Croatian House of Mother’s Stories, the coordinating committee of the national minority councils and representatives from the city of Zagreb opened an exhibition of decorative Easter eggs, called pisanice in Croatian. Together with several Croatian artists, representatives of the Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Rusyn, Italian, Czech, Russian and Slovenian national minorities presented their uniquely decorated pisanice and other holiday traditions.

Artist Zrinka Babic at  work (EdoBosnar/VoC)

British Historian and Andrija Buvina Prize Winner: Robin Harris

Robin Harris in Croatia presenting his book Stepinac His Life and Times 2016 (Photo:HKS Croatian Catholic University)

British historian and author Robin Harris was awarded the Andrija Buvina Prize in Split for his significant contribution to the Cristian culture in Croatia, primarily for his new book published in 2016 “Stepinac – His Life and Times”.

Held two weeks before Easter, the Days of Christian Culture celebrate significant contributions to the Christian culture in Croatia. This year the event took place in Split, Šibenik and Dubrovnik between the 1st and 11th April. Over the years, the event has received recognition for its wide-ranging programmes and respected participants, who have contributed to various areas of Christian culture in Croatia. Each year, the Andrija Buvina prize is awarded to a person, group or institution for their notable achievements and their advocacy of Christian values.

Robin Harris, author of Stepinac His Life and Times (PHOTO DKK Archive)


The 2017 prize went to British historian and author Robin Harris for his new book “Stepinac – His Life and Times”. Published in 2016, this all-encompassing biography of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, the Cardinal Archbishop of Zagreb during the Second World War, sheds light on the controversies that have followed Stepinac for over 70 years.

“He was somebody who was very much maligned in the past. He was sentenced as a war criminal to 16 years in prison, so yes, he is controversial, and however, the book itself hasn’t been attacked. I can’t say everybody is talking about it but in England the book hasn’t provoked any great attacks”, says Harris.


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