Can we beat the Czechs on the pitch and the Turks on social media?

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There is precious little time for Croatia to beat Turkey in today’s hashtag war to see the Eiffel Tower lit up in a red and white checkerboard! Can we beat the Turks on social media like we did on the pitch? Croatia needs all the help it can get, so here is a few guidelines for fans to follow.


Croatia’s victory over the Czech Republic today has already been predicted by Kenti the gibbon. Officials from the Zagreb Zoo say he took ample time to consider his prediction. Kenti guessed correctly when Croatia played Turkey last Sunday. Will he get it right again today?

Kenti gh

Get involve!

Bračni par

Give in to the football madness! Send us your photos, share with us your team spirit like this couple who are in Saint Etienne for the game.

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The Czech community in Croatia is confident their side will win, but we believe Croatia’s colors will prevail! Are we right?