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The channel is organized into two sections: the English, Spanish and German section (which produces news programs in those languages intended for the international audience) and the Croatian section which produces 12 original weekly programs, primarily thematically concerning Croatians around the globe, and one program dedicated to the life of national minorities in Croatia.

The Voice of Croatia also carries news in Italian produced by Radio Rijeka, news in Hungarian produced by Radio Osijek and news produced by Radio Žepče in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Spanish-language team also produces a weekly round-up of events in Croatia – The Weekly Chronicle – for Radio Amplitud 660 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Croatian Radio Sokol in Antofagasta, Chile, Croatian Radio in Iquique, Chile and Radio Polar in Punta Arenas, Chile, as well as a Sports Review for CroaciasTotales in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Voice of Croatia airs exclusively Croatian music.


Ivo Kujundžić
xIvo Kujundžić

The Voice of Croatia's interim editor-in-chief Ivo Kujundžić has been working at HRT since 1991. He was the public broadcaster's first accredited Budapest correspondent. He worked at the international affairs desk and was the editor of the weekly magazine program for Croatian minorities in European countries "Roots". He is currently the editor of the program A View Across the Border - Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina" which is broadcast on HTV 4 on Thursdays. He served Croat communities abroad as a diplomat in Hungary and was Croatia's ambassador to Macedonia. The Voice of Croatia multimedia project is a new challenge. In his free time, he enjoys sports and the outdoors.

Iva Čulina
xIva Čulina

Dr. sc. Iva Čulina is a journalist, presenter and editor with a twenty-year tenure at HRT. At The Voice of Croatia she has taken on the role of deputy head of the team that includes 46 employees. She is in charge of all visual aspects and television content of the international multimedia channels. She enjoys working as a mentor for radio journalists who wish to transition to TV. Dr. sc. Iva Čulina is modest and yet demanding; she is the creative force behind the program that covers topics relating to Croatians from around the world. She holds a PhD in cultural anthropology, specifically “European Studies: European languages and culture.” Dr. Čulina’s area of expertise covers human migration, on which she participates at international conferences and writes scientific papers. She has participated in the realization of many programs for the foreign affairs department and programs for Croatian emigrants: Euromagazin, Korijeni (Roots), Pogled preko granice (Views Beyond the borders), Glas domovine (The Voice of the Homeland), Dom i svijet (Home and the World). She is also a journalist for the popular HTV program “TV Calendar”. When she’s not studying and writing for herself, she spends time with her young son Philip.

Tatjana Rau
xTatjana Rau, program coordinator

Reporter, host and voice over artist Tatjana Rau worked in Croatia Radio's news division from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 to 2009 she produced and hosted the travelogue series My Country for the Voice of Croatia and Croatian Radio's HR1 channel. Since 2005, she has been at the helm of the Croatian language section at the Voice of Croatia, which produces a number of weekly programs targeting Croatians living abroad and the international community. She is the host of the For Croatians Abroad program and produces various other content for the Voice of Croatia. She has a BA in political science from the University of Zagreb.

Majda Ivković
Majda Ivković
xMajda Ivković, foreign language program editor

Majda Ivković has been the editor of Voice of Croatia’s international department since 2005. From her arrival at HRT in 1995 until 2005, she worked as a journalist and editor in Croatian Radio’s current affairs programme. As a journalist in the newsroom for internal and economic affairs, she followed Croatia’s internal political scene and particularly enjoyed her involvement in specialised daily and weekly programmes such as “In Channel 1’s Net”, “Polygraph” and “The Evening Programme”. She is one of the editors and hosts of the programme ““For Croats Outside of Croatia”. She continues to work with Croatian Radio's Channel 1, as well as with Croatian Radio’s weekly foreign affairs magazine show “Visa”. Majda Ivković is professor of English language and literature. She has worked as an English teacher and translator. Majda is an avid reader and enjoys English and Russian literature.

Tomislav Šikić
xTomislav Šikić, Croatian language program editor

Tomislav Šikić, a native of Pula, has worked at Croatian Radio for more than 20 years. He got his start in broadcasting at Radio Samobor and Radio Sljeme and began working as a presenter on Croatian Radio in 1993. Over the years he has hosted many culture and entertainment programs and events, lectured on radio journalism, media literacy and education, conducted numerous workshops and contributed to an academic journal in the field of communications. Tomislav has undergone additional professional training in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Budapest and Berlin. He has written several reviews and articles as well as worked as a Slovenian language translator. Since 2008, Tomislav has worked as an editor, host and desk editor in Croatia Radio's news department. He joined the Voice of Croatia in 2014 as an editor. In his spare time, Tomislav enjoys travel, music and geography.

Maja Mioč
xMaja Mioč, producer

Maja was born in Zagreb and graduated from a high school program focused on economics. She has been with the Voice of Croatia since 2004 and spent the next six years as the department's office manager. She was promoted to producer in 2010.

Shane Aye
xShane Aye

Shane was born in Zagreb and completed his elementary and high school education in Split. He has been archiving the Voice of Croatia's audio and video material in digital format since 2004.

Robert Mareković
xRobert Mareković, music editor

Voice of Croatia music editor and host Robert Mareković is best known as the founding member of bands „Fantomi“ and „Swingers“, with which he has achieved recognition on the European music scene. Swingers won Croatia's prestigious Porin award in 2007 for best album in the easy listening category. Next year they will be representing HRT in the EBU's program at the European Football Championship in Geneva. Mareković has been a radio and television host since the 1990's and has worked as a music journalist. He has also organized a number of humanitarian concerts.

Iva Matić
xIva Matić, music editor

Music has been her calling since the age of 7, even though she was singing and trying to play piano even before then. In recent years she has replaced the ebony and ivory keys and sheet music with a radio microphone. Despite this, with equal passion she spends her days in search of interesting musical stories. Along with the classical music to which her show is committed, her ears and heart are also soothed by the sounds of popular music, which she has been airing on Croatian Radio for some 13 years now. She plans to live with music until the very end, and hopes to convey her love of music to her children, who are already tickling the piano keys with curiosity and singing their days away.

Branimir Njikoš
xBranimir Njikoš, music editor

Branimir Njikoš is passionately in love with music. For our listening pleasure he picks out the very best of Croatian music, while in the meantime ensuring that our program is on air. He is fascinated with the music of the 1950’s and 1960’s; however, he is most at home with Jazz which you can hear during his show “Jazz on the Voice of Croatia”. Our music editor is also a professional musician, who among other things conveys his knowledge to students as a drum instructor at the School of Popular Music in Zagreb.

Silvija Bionda
xSilvija Bionda

Silvija Bionda joined the Croatian section of the Voice of Croatia after finishing communication studies at Zagreb University’s Croatian Studies Faculty. During her three years of experience as a journalist, she has covered different issues that were then broadcast in most of Voice of Croatia's programmes and in the programme “For Croats Outside of Croatia” on Croatian Radio’s Channel 1. Her primary focus is on daily political issues, culture and sporting events, and when needed she covers religious issues, although she especially enjoys stories dealing with economics and history. She has edited and hosted the programme “Bridges – Homeland - Emigrants”. Aside from her radio commitments, she also edits the Voice of Croatia's web - pages. And in her biography, it is impossible to escape the sporting activities that enrich her time outside work. When she returns from a handball match or a hike in the mountains, she likes to immerse herself in a good documentary.

Sanka Ivković
xSanka Ivković

Sanja Ivković originally hails from the town of Sinj, but has lived and worked in Zagreb since she came there to study. She was worked for the Voice of Croatia since 2005, putting together journalistic pieces and reports. Since 2009, she has edited and hosted the weekly programme “Croatian Picture Book”. In her free time, she enjoys rollerblading and bicycling. She also does volunteer work for a law firm.

Korana Kovačić Abramović
xKorana Kovačić Abramović

Korana Kovačić took her first journalistic steps precisely at the Voice of Croatia while still a student of journalism at Zagreb University’s Faculty of Political Science. After the Voice of Croatia grew into a full 24-hour channel, she joined the English section, where she prepared news and short stories from Croatia for the magazine portion of their programming. She tried out as a journalist on HRT's other radio channels, cooperating on programmes which followed the cultural and entertainment scene in Croatia, as well as alternative and environmental issues. Since 2009, she has exclusively and loyally worked for the Voice of Croatia, where she edits and hosts the programme “Bridges – Homeland - Emigrants”.

Ana Marušić
xAna Marušić

Ana Marušić caught the radio bug at Radio Zadar while she was still a college student studying Croatian. A restless spirit led her to wander, switching cities, states and jobs but she always remained true to radio. After an interesting stint in commercial radio (she is a co-founder of Radio GaGa in Zadar, Obiteljski radio and later Novi radio Zadar), she decided that public broadcasting was the most fulfilling kind work and that media must be something more than just entertainment. This brought her back to HTV Zadar. She loves her job and spends as much of her free time as she can dedicated to her second greatest love, sailing. She looks to the sea for stress management therapy and endless inspiration.

Jasminka Perić
xJasminka Perić

From the very beginning of the existence of The Voice of Croatia and its initial shortwave broadcasts, Jasminka Peric has been an integral part of the team that had worked on putting together shows meant for Croatian expatriates and the international audience. Jasminka has mostly been working on religious topics that make up her religious topics show To Live the Path of Hope which follows church and religious events and events to do with religious communities in Croatia, but also events happening in different Croatian Catholic missions across the globe. Her formal training in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and at the Institute for Theological Culture at the Catholic Faculty of Theology of the Zagreb University has given her a great insight and deep compassion and understanding of the events in Croatia and the world. Apart from her work for Croatian Radio, which she deeply admires, she also loves to write. Jasminka’s stories were made part of the first audio book in Croatia.

Ivana Perkovac
xIvana Perkovac

Since 2009, Ivana Perkovac has been editing and hosting the programme “Croatia on the Line, Who’s There?”, which follows all current events pertaining to Croats outside of Croatia. She also regularly contributes to the “For Croats Outside of Croatia” programme on Croatian Radio’s Channel 1. She became acquainted with relations between the homeland and emigrants in a programme symbolically called “Bridges”. Although born in Pula, she grew up in Poreč, where she worked for the Poreč studio of the local station Radio Centar. At the same time she became involved in the activities of the Public Open University, coordinating and leading cultural events in the town. After completing her secondary school education in Poreč, she enrolled in Zagreb University’s Croatian Studies Faculty and earned a degree in journalism. She spends her free time in the company of her best friends: her four-legged companions.

Frano Ridjan
xFrano Ridjan

Frano Ridjan is the most recent addition to the Voice of Croatia’s staff. He has many years of experience as a journalist and presenter on local and national radio stations. At the moment he is working as the presenter for Radio Sljeme’s morning programme and also as a reporter for Croatian Television's early morning programme “Good Morning, Croatia”. He graduated from Zagreb University’s Faculty of Political Science, with a degree in journalism and a narrower focus on radio and television broadcast journalism. He is a member of the media department of Matica Hrvatska (the central Croatian literary and cultural organization) and has been attending the Croatian school of folklore at Croatian Heritage Foundation.

Slavica Štefić
xSlavica Štefić

Slavica Štefić has been the author of the programme “On the Waves of the Old Country” since 2003 and the editor of “For Croats Outside of Croatia” since 2009. Before that she edited and hosted the evening programme on Croatian Radio's Channel 1 and the programme “For the Croats in Srijem, Bačka and Banat”. She has performed journalistic duties in Croatian Radio's internal affairs newsroom, and initiated and edited the popular scientific programme on Radio Sljeme “Thursday's Exclamation Point”. She is the mother of one child and enjoys her work, food and travelling the most.

Stjepan Stjepić
xStjepan Stjepić

Stjepan Stjepić joins the Voice of Croatia with 22 years of experience as a correspondent of HRT’s Čakovec-Varaždin Centre. After graduating Journalism in 1983 at the University of Sarajevo, Stjepan started working as a journalist, but briefly left the sector to gain experience as a librarian. However, in 1994 his calling to be a journalist drew him back to HRT, more precisely the HRT Centre in Varaždin. Since then he has worked on thousands of news and current affairs reports for all of the broadcaters daily, weekly television and radio programs, among which is the show “Pogled preko granice” (“A Look Across The Border”). He has occasionally worked as the editor of “Županijska panorama” (“County Panorama”), from the Čakovec studio. Since 2000, Stjepan has as independently recorded and edited his own reports. He is the author and producer of three documentaries, which have been shown on HRT - “Nova et. Vetera” (1999), “Bocanje Križeva” (2006) and “Darovi Svete Krvi” (2014). He is also the author of two monographs – “Radio Ludbreg Club” (2004) and “Darovi Svete Krvi” (2013). Stjepan says that he loves to spend most of his spare time on the apiary in the Ludbreg vineyards.

Mirjana Žugec Pavičić
xMirjana Žugec Pavičić

After graduating from Zagreb University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Mirjana worked as an editor at Croatian Radio's Chanel 2. Since September 2013, she has also been working for the Voice of Croatia, as the editor of the program "Heritage".  She has attended numerous media workshops, courses and presentations, including the BBC's course for radio journalists, and on several occasions attended EBU expert seminars abroad. Mirjana has reported on many events of national and global significance - from the World EXPO in Japan to concerts and visits by renowned contemporary artists, as well as the Pope's pastoral visit to Croatia. She is the recipient of several journalism awards.

Ivan Nicholas Badovinac
xIvan Nicholas Badovinac

Born in Toronto, Canada, to a Croatian father and Czech mother. My first time visiting Croatia came after I graduated with a degree in History from Ottawa's Carleton University in 2004. I remained in Zagreb for two years, where I learned the language and fell in love with the country. Afterwards, I spent the next six years in the Bahamas teaching sailing and traveling the world. I am happy to be back in Croatia, working as a freelance reporter and translator.

Edo Bosnar
xEdo Bosnar

He was born, raised and educated in the U.S., and has been living in Croatia since mid-1992. Mostly he works as a translator, and he has worked for Croatian Radio on and off since 1993. Currently for the Voice of Croatia he is one of the weekend news editors, and he also occasionally prepares pieces for their weekly magazine program. Recently he has also been part of the staff preparing the daily English-language television news bulletin for HRT 4.

Christian Bushill
xChristian Bushill

Christian Bushill has been at the Voice of Croatia since 2003. Chris came to Croatia from London in 1994 as a broadcast TV cameraperson to cover the war in Croatia and Bosnia &Herzegovina. His media career is substantial and varied; he has produced cartoons, directed documentaries, shot commercials and is the director of the first and only international kite festival in the region. At the Voice of Croatia, he is the guy in charge of creative content and also works as a coordinator, presenter, magazine/news editor and journalist.

Domagoj Ferenčić
xDomagoj Ferenčić

Domagoj Ferenčić has been with the Voice of Croatia since it first hit the airwaves as a full 24-hour program. He also presents the news in English for Croatian Television's Channel 4. He previously anchored the English news program aired on Croatian Television's Channel 1. Along with his work in radio and on TV, Domagoj has also lent his voice to numerous documentaries, commercials and short films, as well as working as a freelance translator since 1996. Born in the Istrian town of Pula, he emigrated with his parents to Mississauga Canada in 1978.

Sandra Kalogjera
xSandra Kalogjera

Sandra Kalogjera is currently hosting Voice of Croatia’s news shows, writing news and doing interviews and pieces for the weekend magazine show.
Sandra began working for the English News on Croatian Radio in 1989 and two years later joined the English Section of the Shortwave News Team which later became The Voice of Croatia.
During the decades of working as a radio journalist, presenter and editor she has also been working in print journalism collaborating over the years with the Reuters News Agency and The Associated Press. She has also worked as a translator for one of Croatia's presidents, Stjepan Mesić. Sandra enjoys doing book translations from Croatian into English and vice-versa and has so far translated a number of journalist textbooks and children's books. She has also been translating movies.
Sandra is proud of being a news junkie and is believed to have been one of the first owners of a satellite dish in Croatia's capital, which enabled her to watch her favourite English language news channels back in the 1980’s.

Branko Lozančić
xBranko Lozančić

Branko Lozančić was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he obtained his education. He moved to Croatia in early 1991 and has been working for The Voice of Croatia since 2003. Branko is the Voice of Croatia's morning man, bringing the latest news and events taking to place that day. He also prepares magazine pieces for the Voice of Croatia's Weekend Magazine and edits weekend news. He is happily married, with 2 children.

Zrinka Lušić
xZrinka Lušić

Zrinka Lušić started her journalist career at HRT’s Voice of Croatia in 2010. She was an English news and current affairs reporter for three years. After that she took a short period off to assume motherhood responsibilities. In 2015, Zrinka resumed working for the VoC where she is now involved in creating multimedia content for the English language weekend Magazine as well as radio reports for the Croatian Radio Channel 1 program "Croatians Abroad" aimed at Croatians living abroad.

Zrinka was born in Sydney, Australia, but in the early '90s she immigrated to Croatia. Having been brought up in Australian, Croatian, American and European education systems, she is fully bilingual (Croatian/English). She earned her degree in Management in 2002 at the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia, in Dubrovnik.

Zrinka worked for various US and Croatian companies in several industries – including Tourism, Finance, FMCG and Media, and thus acquired local and international experience in marketing and global cooperation, especially in communication focused on professional integrity.

Underling her constant need to face new challenges and desire to create, Zrinka says public interactions that she captures through the lens have proven to be the perfect tool for unlocking her creativity and an insight for generating ideas.

Cody McClain
xCody McClain

Cody McClain Brown has a PhD in political science from the University of Kansas with expertise in international security, political economy, American politics, and the politics of Southeastern Europe. He was awarded a Fulbright fellowship from the US State Department for Croatia in 2011-2012. At the request of the US Embassy in Croatia, Cody has given invited lectures on the 2012 American elections in Zadar and Zagreb. Prior to his time in Croatia, Cody taught Introduction to Comparative Politics at the University of Kansas and was a Fellow at the Center for Russian and East European Studies. As a graduate student he taught Introduction to American politics at Oklahoma State University.  From 2006 to 2008 he taught English at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2006 he studied Arabic in Cairo, Egypt on a scholarship from the US State Department. He currently teaches at the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb. He also writes the blogs Zablogreb, and for Croatian Radio Television, Love Croatia.

Katja Miličić
xKatja Miličić

Katja Miličić presents several news programs on the Voice of Croatia, including Croatia Today and Croatia Today Late Edition as well as News - Croatia Today on HTV4. She is also a regular contributing journalist to all of the Voice of Croatia’s English language programs. After moving back to her native Croatia in 1993 from the United States, where she grew up, she began working in television and radio as a translator, reporter and presenter and has remained in media ever since with a brief turn in the finance industry in 2007 and 2008. Katja has a master's degree in communications from the University of Zagreb. In her free time she enjoys watching her daughter compete in diving, running for the fun of it and skiing in the fresh powder of Alta, Utah whenever possible.

Natali Tabak Gregorić
xNatali Tabak Gregorić

Natali Tabak Gregorić is the editor and host of the German news program Kroatien Heute. She has been a member of our team off and on since 2008. Natali began working as a journalist while she was a student at Zagreb University’s Faculty of Political Science. German is her native language. Besides hosting our German program, she is also a contributing journalist. Her other activities include teaching German and translating.

Milton Arandia
xMilton Arandia

Bolivian Milton Arandia has been working at the Voice of Croatia since 2003 as a Spanish-language host and reporter. He hosts the "Croacia Hoy" news program and the Weekend Magazine. He studied architecture at the University of Zagreb and worked at several architect offices. During the war in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milton also worked as a translator for the UN Protection Force.

Mariana Campera
xMariana Campera

Mariana was born in Buenos Aires, Argenitina where she nurtured her Croatian heritage since childhood. After moving here, thanks to her bilingual skills, Marjana quickly became a part of the Spanish section at the Voice of Croatia. She has translated several books and films from Croatian to Spanish and has worked as a Spanish teacher at several foreign language schools and privately. In July of 2013 she began writing the blog Vivo Croatia in both Spanish and Croatia for HRT’s website. Zagreb has been her permanent home for the past decade.

Mario Marcos Ostojić
xMario Marcos Ostojić

Born in Argentina in 1959, Mario Marcos Ostojić, arrived in Croatia in 1990. He began working at the Croatian Information Center. During the Homeland War, he filed reports for several Argentinean radio stations. Since 1993, he has been employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Office for Non-European Affairs, Latin America and the Carribean Section. He has translated several books from Croatian into Spanish and from Spanish into Croatian. Mario has been with the Voice of Croatia since 2002.

Damián Bazan Mamić
xDamián Bazan Mamić

Damián Bazán Mamić is the host of the “Croacia Hoy” and “Panorama Deportivo” programs as well as a contributing reporter to the “Croacia Hoy Magazin” program. Damian came to Croatia in 2006 from his native Argentina. He joined the Voice of Croatia’s Spanish language section a year later and in 2010 began hosting the “Croacia Hoy” program. Working with his Argentinian colleagues, he is part of the team behind the Croatian program “Croacias Totales Radiosat” on Argentina’s "Signos FM 92-5" station. He covers cultural events in Croatia for the station’s “Panorama Cultural” program and sporting events for “Panorama Deportivo” which airs every Monday. In addition to his hosting and reporting duties, Damian is also the Voice of Croatia’s Spanish language social network community manager and web administrator.

Manuel Plaza
xManuel Plaza

Manuel Plaza was born in Mexico and arrived in Croatia in 2002. He has a master’s degree from the Faculta di Scienze dell’Educazione in Rome. He has been a host and reporter for the Voice of Croatia’s news programs “Croacia Hoy” and “La Voz de Croacia” since 2004. On the weekends, he is also a contributor to the Weekend Magazine in Spanish. He takes pleasure in the opportunity to report on the latest developments in Croatia and the world helping Croatians who live abroad better understand their native land and the events taking place there.

David Rey
xDavid Rey

Bolivian David Ray has a teaching degree in Spanish language and literature and has worked as a journalist and host at the Voice of Croatia since its inception in 2003. He is the weekday coordinator for the Spanish language section as well as the editor of the Spanish edition of the Weekend Magazine program. David also prepares a half-hour music Christmas and New Year music program that incorporates greetings from Voice of Croatia listeners and featured guests from all over the world. He is also the vice president of the Croatian – Hispanic Society for which he moderates panel discussions on travel related to Spanish-speaking countries.

Verónica Vlaho
xVerónica Vlaho

Verónica Vlaho has been with the Voice of Croatia since its very inception.  Before moving to Croatia, she worked as an elementary school teacher and as a production assistant at Radio El Mundo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Currently she is the editor of the Spanish language weekly news chronicle Cronica Semanal, which the Voice of Croatia produces for local stations in Chile and Argentina that cater to the Croat communities there.  She is also a regular contributor to our Spanish language Weekend Magazine.  She teaches Spanish at the Foreign Language Institute in Samobor, her current home.  She also translates material for the Croatian Heritage Foundation's website.