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She brought out the strudel and the chocolate cake. This was after we’d gorged on...

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My daughter and I were on the bus in Split. It was Saturday and hot....

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I used to think the beaches in Split were the most beautiful beaches I had...

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The Voice of Croatia systematically and comprehensively covers current events and developments at home, reports on the lives and activities of Croatians living around the globe, conveys information about the work of state and social institutions relevant to relations between Croatians at home and those living abroad, considers issues related to the return of Croatian expatriates, tells stories about Croatia's heritage and culture and carries key sporting events... This channel represents the very best of Croatian Radio. The Voice of Croatia airs a selection of original programming, programs produced by the three national networks and 7 regional stations -Dubrovnik, Split, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Radio Sljeme - which makes it possible to hear programs that are specific to a particular region of Croatia.